Many years ago, the USSR and the USA entered a space race. This race to the moon was the most exciting, cold war era event for space geeks of all kinds. With the renewed interest, I thought it would be fun to share two of my favorite videos regarding the topic.

The inspiration that comes from the Apollo missions can’t be measured.

The first one is from PBS’s YouTube Channel for It’s Okay To Be Smart. It goes into the moon rock vault and explains some of the things that surprised the scientist on earth. It is an exciting video that really details quite a bit about the history and the current understanding of what our celestial partner is made of. This is a fun, brief watch. Let me know what you think about it.

This second video is a whole lot of fun because it takes the time to discuss how the Apollo 14 mission nearly didn’t make it home. Imagine being so far from your tech department that the phone home means calling back to Earth. That’s what happened to the mission. They had to make an ‘IT’ call to get the mission back on track and the team home. It worked. Scott Manely explains the information well.