On occasion, I will have help maintaining this website. That may include posts, updates, and general management. From here out, when you see ‘our’ and ‘us’ it is primarily me with an occasional assistant.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is as important to me as mine is. Your information will never go further than me. 

I am grateful for all of your generosity, kindness, and trust. If you interact with our site in any way, we will strive to maintain that trust to the best of our ability. 

For our mailing list subscribers and commenters – we do not share or sell information. Your emails, names, and any information you trust us with will not go beyond us.

Site Support Info

Some of the links shared on this site will be affiliate links to products or services that have been vetted and used in advance. We are very careful about what will be presented. This will include affiliate links that are to reliable, safe, and known sites.


All contests are outlined at the time of the event. Rewards will be placed with the postal service within a week of the winner being announced. 

All information regarding a contest will be released at the time of the event and compliant with applicable legal obligations within the United States of America, where we are based. Please do not participate in an event if it is against your local jurisdiction.

If you have specific questions – do not hesitate to email Catrina@CatrinaTaylor.com