What follows is an unedited excerpt of a much longer short story. I hope you enjoy it.

The soft texture of the tiny blanket wrapped tightly around the sweet newborn. It was unfortunate the newborn was an orphan. The young woman holding the infant looked across the room. “Everything is done. You’ll be safe little one. No one knows about you, except me.”

The tiny newborn slept soundly as the woman tucked the baby into a small shoulder bag. She placed a loose blanket over the top, and a small bound book at the baby’s feet. She then carefully laid her data tablet over the top, in case someone should open the bag on her way. Once she was confident the baby was hidden and resting, she made her way out of the otherwise empty room.

She walked through a crowd of people beginning the investigation. She knew they wouldn’t notice her leaving. Most of them were assessing the crime scene. They had already interviewed her and cleared her to leave. Her bag had been investigated. There was no reason for her to be stopped.

Just before she steps off the raised ground, onto a small waiting hover board, Detective Kaplan called her. She turned to face him, knowing anything she did would be scrutinized if she didn’t. “Yes, Detective?”

“Just wanted to thank you for waiting while we get this started. I know you’ve been at work for a long time today and your patience made a huge difference.”

“Just catch the person who did this. It should never have happened. They are the sweetest couple ever. They so badly wanted the baby.”

Kaplan leaned over and wrapped his arms around her shoulders. “I promise, Miss Ky, we’ll find them.”

Ky nodded, sniffled, and responded, “I know. Please tell me when you do.”

“We will.” He smiled. “I’ve got your number.”

She nodded, stepped on to the large waiting hovering board. “I’m available if you have more questions.”

The board lifted from the ground and with a little urging she moved higher into the air towards the higher city. Getting home and taking this baby to safety had to be the first step. What she would do next she would figure out later. As the hover board continued higher, she was grateful for her hybrid genetics prepared her for the higher elevation without an oxygen mask.

Once she entered the Doesi realm of the city, she navigated through the unused side streets to her home. Her bag began to move as she used her palm print to open her door.